1. First there was this released:image

    Then there was this ending (not to mention a whole song):


    And today there was this: image

    Coincidence? I think not! With both of these episodes challenging their inner element of harmony, I believe that the episodes that question whether or not each pony truly is a representation of their respective elements is true will show each key.  Also, each of these episodes were one filler episode apart (granted Pinkie Apple Pie was PHENOMENAL) but, the next next episode will be: “Pinkie Pride” and according to Wiki, “Pinkie Pie must defend her status as a party pony when a mysterious visitor comes to town and plans a party for Rainbow Dash. ”

    Pinkie is probably going to feel like she can’t make anyone laugh/ be happy as she very well used to be able to. My guess, a single balloon will have this very same effect as the above two gifs. More to come when other episodes release. 

    Ps. My guess is “It Ain’t Easy Being Breezies” will refer to Apple Jack, “Twilight Time” Twilight Sparkle, and “Fillie Vanilli” Fluttershy? 

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    the keys everyone

    the keys

    I think I know what the writers are doing. Each of the Mane 6 is going to be tested on their Elements of Harmony. When they’ve proven themselves to be what they represent (when Rarity proves her generosity, for example), they gain one of the keys, unaware.

    Rainbow Falls had a lot in common with Rarity Takes Manehattan, don’t you agree? Both have the featured character’s name in their respective titles. Both characters have a pastel rainbow (which is, by the way, the colors of the Mane 6) reflected in their eyes when they’re in distress, and they realize what they need to do at that moment. In S4E8, Rarity was gifted a spool of rainbow thread, which shimmers the same pastel rainbow colors. The badge Rainbow Dash gets has the same shimmer. These must be the first two keys in some way.

    There was only one episode in between the two. So if this pattern continues, the third key will be gained in the episode Pinkie Pride.

    It all makes sense now.

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    Calling it right now, I feel like the first key will appear today in My Little Pony.

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    sorry it’s not perfect, it’s hand edited :)

    omg this is amazing


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  6. Twilight Sparkle as she battled Crysalis in the comics.

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    I decided my friend Kaitlyn needed to become a pony.

  8. Babs Seed - Cutie Mark Crusaders My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season3


    Babs Seed - Cutie Mark Crusaders 

    Honestly one of my favorite songs in the series

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  9. Discord - Eurobeat Pony






    I haven’t stopped dancing since I found this. 

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    They say that if you close your eyes suddenly before the gif stops, your mind will think that you have died and you will be instantly relaxed. Try it out, it really works.

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    Princess Celestia VS Nightmare Moon 

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    So the Hub posted this

    I really hope its the dolphin one!

    Does anyone else see the CMC?!?

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    think for a second about the nearly impossible amount of strength it would take to cut a living vine the thickness of a small tree with something as dull as a window and no ability to build momentum

    somebody should try and calculate the amount of pressure per square inch applejack can generate without even breaking a sweat

    we all thought that cartoon ponies would follow the laws of physics

    Alright, let’s do this.

    Applejack exerted a certain amount of psi onto a large vine and broke it. How much psi can Applejack generate without a sweat?

    We’ll work in SI units in this exercise.

    One pascal (SI unit of pressure) is N / m^2 

    N = newtons of force applied, m^2 : meters squared where pressure is applied.

    Let’s first find how many pascals the windowframe first exerts on the vine because of gravity.

    N = 9.8 (the gravitational pull of the earth).

    A dull window would have a large area exerting force, compared to a sharp, small edge. Various window measurements from Home Depot's website and my house reveals that an average window's edge dimensions are roughly 3/4 inches x 36 inches. An inch is 0.0254 meters.

    3/4 * 36 * 0.0254 = 0.6858 meters squared.

    m = 0.6858 meters squared.

    Let’s calculate.

    p = N / m^2

    p = 9.8 / 0.6858

    p ~= 14.29 pascals

    The window exerts 14.29 pascals on the vine naturally.

    Let’s assume the vine is made of black oak. The tensile strength of black oak is 6,520 psi (when the oak compresses and crushes). Wolfram|Alpha tells me that that is equal to 44,950,000 pascals. Woah. Let’s subtract the natural gravitational pascals from the overall tensile strength to find out how much Applejack has to exert manually.

    44950000 - 14.29 = 44949985.7 pascals

    There’s our answer (a lot). But how much is that in psi? Let’s have Google finish it off.

    44949985.7 pascals = 6519.44424 pounds per square inch.

    Applejack has to exert about 6519.44424 psi of pressure onto the vine. That’s more than an airplane hydraulic system.

    Keep your crotches away from her, men.


    Applejack will crush man’s skull like sparrow’s egg between thighs.

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